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Roshan Kumar

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Roshan comes from India with an Integrated Master’s degree in Mathematics & Computing from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. During this time he also worked as a research intern at INRIA Grenoble, France. His academic courses equipped him with a perfect combination of intensive programming skills and in-depth knowledge of statistics which he efficiently implemented and enhanced during his career while working alongside experienced data scientists and PhDs at Oracle, 24/7 Innovation Labs and Tesco.

Roshan has over 5 years of work experience in analytics. He started his professional career with Oracle in their analytics division where he learned to develop different modelling techniques in R for different banking clients. After working for 3 years in Oracle, Roshan decided to work in a different domain. Working for the Australian telecom giant Optus in 24/7 Innovation Labs he leveraged his prior knowledge to develop predictive algorithms to forecast online purchase intent of customers. His passion for analytics helped him rise to a leadership role in analytics at Tesco. Roshan worked on two key projects – Catalogue Optimization and Demand Forecasting. This experience involved interacting extensively with UK stakeholders and director level executives to understand the business needs and solve them using modeling techniques. For his invaluable contribution to the project and his innovative ideas, he was awarded the highest innovation award in the organization.

As an inquisitive person, Roshan has always been excited at the prospect of learning something new. Although his professional experience enabled him to understand the application of data science concepts in solving real business problems, he also completed a paid data science specialization course from Johns Hopkins University on Coursera. At Northwestern, Roshan wants to enhance his analytical capabilities by learning advanced statistical techniques, real time analytics, machine learning and big data analytics while engaging with various industry projects. He is passionate about diving deep into data for a better understanding of customer behavior and looks forward to using his knowledge to develop better insights for companies in the ever changing and highly consumer-centric world.