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Sai Haran

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Hailing from the greater Boston area, Sai attended Georgetown University from 2009-2013, earning a BA Honors in Economics as well as minoring in Music. While at Georgetown, Sai developed a passion for data analytics and its impact on social and economic issues through courses such as Environmental Economics and Economics of Sports. Additionally, he earned experience in efficiency and profit maximization through employment at the largest student-run company in the world, Students of Georgetown, Incorporated.

After graduation, Sai began to put his passion for data analytics to use in the Boston startup scene. While he found it to be a great experience, he realized he wouldn’t be able to make the impact he desired without developing his technical skillset. Subsequently he joined Eze Software Group in 2013 as an analyst, working with business consultants and clients to implement and support the Eze OMS (Order Management Software), to facilitate high-volume trading for multi-billion dollar hedge funds. While at Eze, Sai honed his data management and manipulation skills through use of SQL and was able to improve trading workflow efficiency for several of the largest hedge funds in the US. Additionally, he gained valuable experience in managing and coordinating projects simultaneously with business consultants and product managers/developers, honing his ability to present complex ideas to both technically and non-technically minded people.

Now Sai is looking forward to further developing his technical skills at the MSiA program at Northwestern University, rounding out his skillset to be able to solve more problems in more diverse industries. He is excited to be exposed to different analytical tools and methodologies used to tackle real business issues with like-minded individuals.