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Meghan Menghan Ding

Photo of Meghan Menghan Ding

Meghan graduated from Northwestern University in 2014, where she double-majored in statistics and economics, and earned a business management degree as a Russell Fellow at Kellogg School of Management. Her classwork included topics in abstract mathematics, probability theory, statistical computing and database systems, through which she developed strong analytical thinking and technical skills. Beyond the classroom, her internships at UBS and Mission Measurement Consulting first led her onto the path of research and analytics. No matter it was using professional software to effectively manage 10,000+ corporate and private accounts information for the financial advisors at UBS, or analyzing financial data of Russell 3000 stocks to generate proprietary insights for trading at Mission Measurement, Meghan was fascinated by the power of data analytics.

After graduation, Meghan started her career as a fixed income research analyst at Wells Fargo Asset Management, and her passion for data analytics continued. Independently covering the Industrial and Higher Education sectors, Meghan analyzed financial data and market events, and presented on the investment team conference calls on a daily basis. She also published investment research reports and market comments in WFAM’s internal weekly fixed income research binder and quarterly and annual industry primer. One unique value that Meghan added to the team was her quantitative thinking and statistical method in making investment decisions, where she created her own database of corporate bonds and derived relations between spreads movement and bonds’ characteristics, improving the efficiency and accuracy of her research by several folds.

More recently, Meghan took a new position as an associate project manager at a boutique technology management and consulting firm. While working closely with teams onsite and offshore on project worth millions of dollars, Meghan was also actively involved in client relationship development, internal projects, and the company’s strategic expansion overseas.
Following her long term passion for data analytics, Meghan is excited to start a new chapter in life with the MSiA program this fall. While her past experience in banking and investment has helped her developed excellent communication skills and sharp business acumen, she believes the education at MSiA will significantly expand her knowledge umbrella and tool set to include pioneering methodologies and cutting-edge technologies. She looks forward to applying her learnings to unlock the trapped value and hidden insights in data, to make the world more connected, informative, and intelligent than how she found it.