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Brian Trent

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Raised in a suburb outside Syracuse, NY, Brian graduated from The City College of New York in 2008 with a B.F.A. in Music and Audio Technology. The week after his graduation ceremony, he was hired by his alma mater to help support and implement technology within the music department’s facilities, and to fulfill various administrative duties. At the same time, he continued freelancing as a musician and recording engineer in the bustling New York City music scene. A few years later, after the departure of a faculty member, Brian also began teaching several of the audio technology courses offered by the department. These experiences helped him cultivate a diverse set of skills, but he felt that his abilities and talents were underutilized in his current profession, particularly his quantitative aptitude.

He required a career that would employ his creativity, engage his communication faculties, require well-developed interpersonal skills, and demand quantitative expertise. Inevitably, he began researching careers in data science and analytics. He was drawn by the diverse set of skills required of industry professionals, and the multitude of problems, spanning all industries and job sectors, which can potentially be solved by acquiring and leveraging the right data. In note of his deficiencies, he began post-baccalaureate studies in mathematics and computer science in order to develop a foundation for advanced study in analytics. Obtaining his M.S. in Analytics from Northwestern University is the next logical step in his career progression.

Brian joins the MSiA program with a diverse, multi-disciplinary background, and is looking forward to studying the various methodologies that are employed in an effort to derive actionable insight from structured and unstructured data. His proclivity to lead instills a deep desire to study organizational challenges with analytics, and he is especially interested in developing products and technologies for data acquisition, advanced analytics, and utilization of the IoT. As a person of many interests, inclined towards entrepreneurialism, and a problem solver at heart, he craves a career that will continually provide new challenges and problems to solve.