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Pranav Rao

Photo of Pranav Rao

A recent Texas A&M University graduate, Pranav earned a bachelor of science in computer science and applied mathematics in May 2015. Pranav focused his undergraduate years on learning to leverage both mathematics and computation to solve real world problems ; mathematical modeling and numerical algorithms were particularly among his research interests during this time.

Pranav became interested in analytics in his senior year after being exposed to its applications through computer science coursework, subsequently realizing the potential it holds for circumventing shortcomings in the very problem-solving approaches he had earlier studied. Shortly after, Pranav had the opportunity to apply data analytics firsthand in his senior capstone project: using University of Massachusetts’ MALLET software toolkit, Pranav and his design team created a standalone application to automatically infer topics in a specified collection of academic papers. Targeted for researchers, the application provides several visualizations to intuit the topic-based relationships between papers in given collection. Through this demanding capstone, Pranav was able to apply many different aspects of his undergraduate education in an exciting analytics-based project.

Through Northwestern’s multifaceted analytics program, Pranav hopes that he will learn to not only think as a data analyst, but also learn to recognize opportunities for innovation within the field. Pranav is particularly interested in analytics applications for tackling renewable energy challenges associated with fluctuating supply and demand.