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Tong Yin

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Tong graduated summa cum laude from University of California, Los Angeles in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Financial Actuarial Mathematics and a minor in French. Tong realized the power of analytical techniques after leading a team to make data-driven business decisions in a patent-infringement case competition. To improve her skillset so as to lay a solid foundation for future analytics studies, she focused on advanced coursework in mathematics, statistics and programming skills.

Tong solidified her analytical skills with the help of real-world problem-solving experiences. During the summer before her senior year, she interned at the California Department of Insurance, where she applied ensemble learning using R to predict the marketing channel based on insurance company data. The “mismatch mapping” graph that she created based on the final result effectively helped the rate regulation branch to focus their efforts on those companies that are out of compliance with regulations. Tong also sharped her communication and presentation skills by preparing and holding a branch-wide seminar revealing common errors and omissions from insurance companies. After graduation, Tong interned as an information management assistant at the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. Using Python, she adapted the logistic regression model to assist the department with identifying problem loans.

As Tong continues her exploration within the fields of data analytics, she finds herself in need of further guidance towards her future career path. As a candidate for the MSiA program, she hopes to deepen her analytical skills and to discover the full value of data with the help of rigorous training and industry projects at Northwestern. Especially interested in machine learning, she believes that it will assist her with establishing predictive models to provide optimal solutions for companies.