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Wenjing Yang

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Born and raised in China, Wenjing graduated from Emory University in 2017 with a BS in Applied Mathematics and a double major with high honors in Economics. During her sophomore year, Wenjing experienced data analytics through analyzing the relationship between Japan’s unemployment rate and CPI index from 1955 to 2015 in Stata. The process of turning the tedious dataset into an organized and explanatory regression model, which could be used to describe changes of interactions, and to predict future movements, intrigued Wenjing to explore more about analytics.

To prepare herself for advanced techniques, Wenjing has been actively engaged in stringent training in mathematics, statistics, and computer programming throughout her undergraduate study. In addition to theoretical coursework, she has conducted practical data projects in her senior year. With the usage of SQL, Wenjing created a virtual online database containing information of all courses and majors offered by Math & CS department of Emory. Coding in JavaScript, she then made a webpage for users to select primary and secondary majors, current semester, expected graduation semester, and taken courses from the database, and enabled the program to report errors in the selected information. Wenjing also wrote SQL queries in PHP as the backstage to provide users with optimal course schedules to satisfy their major requirements before expected graduation time basing on all prerequisite and elective courses of each major.

Wenjing is now very excited to continue her study as a Master’s student in the MSiA program at Northwestern University. Her main objective is to enhance analytic techniques related to computer programming and statistical modelling, and to develop financial acumen through practical projects. Armed with the training, Wenjing hopes to enter the data-driven world as a data scientist after graduation.