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Hao Xiao

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Hao Xiao graduated from Peking University, China in 2017 with a B.S. in Urban Planning and a B.A. in Economics. Five years of multi-discipline study enlightened Hao on the vital role that quantitative analysis played in extracting knowledge, approximating truth, and developing a subject towards science. Thus he paid great attention to mathematics and programming courses, and honed his skills in a great number of quantitative urban and economic researches.

Hao’s aptitude for analytics and data science started from his internship at China Sustainable Transportation Center. Using Python, he mined real-time user data of Alimap (a prevailing map app in China), aggregated those data into road congestion indexes and further provided transportation planning suggestions. Amazed by the amount, speed and value of data he touched in that transportation project, Hao realized that a better world driven by big data was arising, and that data science which requires logic and creativity and abounds in challenges and opportunities excited his enthusiasm. He then started learning data science on Coursera and taught himself with R and SQL. During his next internship at China Academy of Urban Planning and Design, Hao used R and efficiently completed data mining and analysis tasks.

In the upcoming journey at MSiA program, Hao hopes to consolidate his knowledge of statistics and programming, learn more analytic tools and skills, expand his understanding of data science and implement what he has learned in real industry projects. Hao looks forward to solving all kinds of data science challenges with his classmates and colleagues. He can’t wait to explore the value of data and enjoy the irresistible charm of data science.