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Phyllis Sun

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Phyllis graduated cum laude from Boston University (BU) where she obtained dual-degree of B.A. and M.A. in Statistics, and minor in Computer Science. During her time in BU, the intensive training in data analysis and mathematical modeling using programming languages such as R, Python, SAS, SQL and Java stimulated her interest in data. She conducted several quantitative research projects, involving cost optimization, stock analysis, accident analysis, and social behavior analysis, where she applied analytical skills to real world practices. Guided by a professor, she published a research that studies the systemic risk in financial market using Monte Carlo Simulation. Aside from research works, Phyllis is always passionate to help people to understand data analysis. As a teaching assistant at Boston University, she tutored over 300 students and led discussion sections every week.

With the desire to step into the real business world and enhance her analytical skills through practice, Phyllis worked as a data analytics intern at Scitics Inc, Acton. She analyzed and visualized the membership data and national event data to provide useful insights of the membership renewal condition for American Marketing Association (AMA), which significantly helped AMA improve their membership renewal rate. In addition, Phyllis completed her internship at Morgen Stanley Capital International (MSCI) Inc., where she applied quantitative skills into the finance area and gained business sense. She also enhanced her programming skills through modeling the statistical arbitrage strategies with existing exchange-traded fund (ETF) data. Phyllis made up her mind to pursue a career in data analytics and discover optimal solutions to key business questions regarding her work experience.

By keeping sharp, Phyllis understands what the market is currently looking for, pushing her to become a candidate of the MSiA program. In the coming years, business industry will rely heavily on the analysis of data and the amount of data available will grow exponentially. Phyllis is eager to polish her skills in advanced big data techniques and gain more exposures in business at the same time. She also looks forward to gaining practical experience in data analysis through group projects and teamwork with people in diverse backgrounds. Phyllis believes that the MSiA program at Northwestern University will make her a qualified problem solver who can adapt to the new trends and thrive on challenges in the world of data.