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Christa Spieth

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Christa Spieth graduated magna cum laude from Andrews University in 2017 with a BSE in mechanical engineering, a secondary major in mathematical studies, and a minor in computer science. Engineering demanded analytical thinking in multiple disciplines, leading to a mathematical biology course that changed everything. This class gave her exposure to quantitative analysis, proving to be both challenging and intriguing. As she realized her passion may lie within this new area, she incorporated computer science courses into her studies.

Christa has done research within mathematics, materials science, and computer science through both her alma mater and Texas Tech University. Each of these areas required new skills, such as learning a fledgling language or designing experimental equipment. This resulted in an academic environment that inspired independent growth and clear communication. She has further supplemented her skillset with MOOCs in her free time.

Christa is honored to be a part of Northwestern’s MSiA program where she shares classes with talented, data-driven minds. It is the opportunity she dreamed of and she looks forward to the hands-on experience of teasing out data insights that previously lay hidden. The engineer in her is thrilled to impact a company’s efficiency and decision-making and hopes to become an accomplished data scientist who can do just that.