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Will Song

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Will graduated summa cum laude from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with a bachelor of science’s degree in statistics. While in college, he had intimate experience with real-world datasets during the 2016 DataFest competition by dealing with millions of data about Ticketmaster customers’ purchase history. Owing to this competition, he realized the importance of combining statistical insights with programming in solving real world problems and was enchanted by the power of analytics to guide decisions in businesses. Will also joined a lab at UCLA to work on a challenging bioinformatics project predicting transcription factor binding sites across cell types. During the modeling stage, he was in charge of organizing all the data needed and programming machine-learning models in R. For the first time, he gained a concrete insight about what “big data” truly meant.

After graduation, Will interned in a technology start-up company in Beijing that conducted extensive data analysis on major social media and e-commerce platforms in China. There, he wrote several short analysis reports about trending events in China. It was also exciting for him to develop several web crawler templates using Python to extract data from major video websites for further analysis on China’s film market. The experience from research and internship not only helped strengthen his programming skills and statistical knowledge, but also exposed to him how he could improve myself. Specifically, through the MSiA program he hopes to further strengthen his skills in applying statistical and programming techniques into business settings and gain more training in practical programming related to analytics.

Fascinated by the potential of big data, Will aims to work as a data scientist in the future by applying skills in data analysis and computer programming to solving exciting data-driven problems. In particular, recognizing original and meaningful information hidden behind the stack of data interests him the most. As a candidate of the MSiA program, he is thrilled about gaining hands-on experience through the summer internship in companies with cutting-edge techniques and business principle while learning new tools and methodology from school, and he is looking forward to studying and working intimately with his classmates in this cohort-styled program.