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Kehan Pan

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Born and raised in China, Kehan graduated from Tsinghua University, China in 2017 with an Industrial Engineering major.  He’s a China National Scholarship recipient, the highest honor for Chinese undergraduate students.

Kehan has displayed strong leadership skills. As the president of the Students’ Union and the school’s volunteer association, he worked corporately with students as well as with companies and government. His academic excellence equipped him with background in statistics, computer science and operations research.

Kehan first discovered his interest in data science when he researched on Distance Correlation in Georgia Tech. Then he became fascinated by its application on practical problems. In his junior year he conducted a traffic optimization project for a district in Beijing. And in his senior design he used text analytics, clustering algorithm and time series analytics to analyze social media data to support business decisions.

Kehan further combined his analytical skills with business topics during his half-year intern in Lenovo. He proposed several ideas on improving Lenovo customer service based on the massive data. They are adopted by several branches in Asia and North America, and have significantly improved the performance of their website and call center.

Kehan is now seeking to develop systematic methodology in analytics as well as to cultivate spontaneous insight in this MSiA program. He is looking forward get started on a data science career in this data-driven future.