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Yuqing Liu

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Yuqing graduated from University of California, Davis in 2017 with a B.S. in Computational Statistics. Her coursework involved generic programming, database systems and statistical modeling, through which she laid herself a solid foundation of data science. She had been actively engaged in research projects and data competitions during college and made outstanding achievements. Being a member of the University Honor Program, Yuqing gained access to highly interactive classes, during which a variety of topics such as Psychology, Genetics, and Economics were discussed, and she developed her interests in real world industry.

Yuqing began working for Lam Research, a top semiconductor equipment company, as a data science intern in her senior year. At the pilot team, she applied her analytics skills to providing insights on the supply chain data: building classification tools with improved machine learning methods to optimize the buyers’ decisions at Lam. Her knowledge of computer science allowed her to collaborate effectively with the IT department and outsourced teams such as Microsoft Azure during the implementation stage of the projects. She also honed her communication skills through frequent presentations of her work to both technical and non-technical audience. Her diverse internship experience in Shanghai, Sacramento and Silicon Valley introduced her to various applications of data science in Finance, Accounting and Supply Chain.

Intrigued by the power of analytics in making wise business decisions, Yuqing is excited to be enrolled in the MSiA program to prepare herself for being a big data professional by practicing business analytics in industry projects and communicating with students from different backgrounds. Though well-trained in statistical programming, she is passionate about learning more about business and how to improve algorithm in tune with practical needs. She looks forward to discovering the hidden gems in seemingly uninspiring data with her kills, to connect the dots that haven’t been realized.