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Junxiong Liu

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Born and raised in China, Junxiong graduated cum laude from Carleton College in March 2017 with a B.A. degree in Mathematics/Statistics. At Carleton, Junxiong honed his analytics skills through multiple statistical consulting projects related to economics, education, and public services. At the end of 2016, Junxiong collaborated with 4 teammates to analyze Minnesota water quality in the Midwest Undergraduate Data Analytics Competition. Using R and Python, the team cleaned 70GB of water data and conducted analysis with mixed-effects and segmented regression models. Providing the best business insights and the most actionable recommendations, Junxiong’s team won the first place out of 15 participating groups.

More recently, Junxiong completed an internship as a Data Analyst at Delos, a New York City startup focusing on human health and building science. At Delos, Junxiong was excited to interact with people of different backgrounds, whose areas of expertise range from epidemiology and engineering to business and entrepreneurship. In this role, Junxiong processed and visualized various highly unstructured or semi-structured health and building data sets. He also conducted a literature review on statistics-related health and building science papers as a part of the team’s core research projects. From such experiences, Junxiong was convinced of his enthusiasm for analytics, an emerging field equipped with tools that can facilitate corporate decision making and achieve broader social impacts.

At Northwestern’s MSiA program, Junxiong hopes to further improve his programming skills and his understanding of statistics and machine learning. At the same time, he looks forward to enhancing his interpersonal skills and business acumen. As an aspiring data scientist with a multidisciplinary background, he cannot wait to apply his knowledge to address real-world data challenges in various fields and to help businesses make informed decisions.