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Emma Li

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Emma graduated from the University of California, Davis with a B.S. in Statistics and a B.S. in Managerial Economics. During the college, she specifically focused her studies on applications of statistical techniques to economics discipline. She also explored the coursework in statistical computing with languages such as R, Python, and SAS to implement programming solutions for analyzing data.

Beyond the classroom, her research experience serving at University of California Agricultural Issues Center intrigued her interest in data analysis. There, she explored the data, brought up the economic questions about the particular agricultural market, investigated the implication from the dataset with the support of statistical evidence. During this process, she was fascinated by such a job of disclosing the hidden information from the data and realized the great value of massive information underneath the big data. To further practice her analytical skills on real-world business, she completed another project about Bay Area Bike Share system for her senior statistics coursework, which identified its customers’ usage and behaviors from cleaning the data to performing the data visualization and statistical modeling.

Besides of her academic study, Emma spent two summers on internships in commercial banks. While interning at Standard Chartered Bank, she performed financial forecast and analyzed business model on corporates, which polished her quantitative skills and equipped her with in-depth financial knowledge and business insights.

Driven by her passion in the application of data science to solve the real-world questions and optimize the business decision, Emma will strive to advance her analytics toolkits and accumulate more practical experience through the MSiA program. Additionally, she is eager to learn from and collaborate with her MSiA classmates through the teamwork.