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Wei Li

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Wei graduated summa cum laude in 2013 from St Mary College of California with a major in Mathematics and minor in Economics. Through her academic endeavors, she has laid solid quantitative foundation through course trainings in Mathematical Modeling, Programming, Probability & Statistics, Econometrics, as evidenced by receiving the Brother Brousseau Award given to the Top 1% of math major students.

After graduation from college, Wei worked in both consulting and IT industries in two countries for four years. She is now ready to pursue professional training in computational data science. Joining MSiA program, she aims to systemize her learning from work and to gain in-depth knowledge in pioneering methodologies and technologies in the data science field. With the MSiA degree from Northwestern, she intends to engage in challenging social, economic, and business projects where she can penetrate deep layers of data and create innovative solutions.

Wei joined Berkeley Research Group, a well-known economic consulting firm headquartered in San Francisco after St. Mary’s. She started as an associate consultant and was promoted to a senior associate after one year. She gained experience in working with Fortune 500 corporate clients in many sectors on cases involving customer segmentation, pricing optimization, damage analysis, and resource allocation. She developed ability in solving the business problems with rigorous analytical approach and has become proficient in software programming using R.

In 2015, Wei joined Gridsum, the largest big data analytics company in China (NASDAQ: GSUM) in Beijing. At Gridsum, she acted as team leader and case manager. In that role, Wei sharpened her abilities in handling data and expanded herself to more cutting-edge data science technologies. Wei worked with a team to address data science challenges and to create solution to complex product development and business operation problems in web analytics and online marketing. She specialized in conducting statistical analysis and applying data visualization tools to uncover patterns and present insights. Not only did she gain experience in working in a bilingual work environment, she also became proficient in programing in R and Python by analyzing large datasets and developing custom models/algorithms. With her experience in solving business problems in the U.S. and in China, Wei is on her way to master complex data computing and analytics at MSiA and to become a leader in the field of data science analytics.