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Tucker Lewis

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Tucker graduated from Cornell College in 2017 with two B.A.s in Business Analytics and Psychology. His passion for analytical methods began while studying psychology, where he was more interested in the analysis of data than any other part of the work. His success in research methodology led to a position at the school’s quantitative tutoring studio – where his initial studies in English and Theater made him uniquely suited to helping non-technical students who were struggling with quantitative concepts, tools, and applications. He was the first to graduate from the new Business Analytics program, where each course practiced the art of turning strings and numbers into reportable insights.

Between school years, Tucker has worked in kitchens, on construction sites, and in offices. The teamwork and leadership skills gained in these jobs—and from his coworkers—were invaluable for both his formal and informal education. In his internship with Socos, he learned that analytics can be applied in the simplest ways to change the outcomes of a student forever.

Tucker is most excited to apply his communication, analytics, and teamwork skills while working with—and learning from—his peers on industry projects. He expects to find challenges in the MSiA program, and hopes to expand his analytical toolbox at every step. Tucker’s endless curiosity drives his innovative ways to derive insight from data. With data now everywhere, he believes analytics holds the key to tackling some of the world’s most important problems. As the prevalence and importance of data will only increase, analytics will find its way into almost every part of our lives. It is a privilege for him to be working and learning alongside his MSiA cohort.