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Michael Gao

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Michael graduated Magna Cum Laude from Lehigh University in 2016 with dual degrees in Computer Science and Accounting. He is particularly passionate about combining technology’s potent quantitative methods and business’s rigorous qualitative analysis to make intelligent, socially impactful, and practical decisions. Born in Shenzhen, China’s Silicon Valley, and thrived in New York City, Michael developed a strong interest in technology and financial services industries where he foresees himself building an entrepreneurial, lifelong-learning and impactful career.

To uncover the full potential of his interdisciplinary knowledge and discover the inexhaustible variety of areas of practice, Michael filled his undergraduate career with diverse and comprehensive experience. Sophomore year, Michael interned at Bank of China, a global Fortune 500 company, as a software engineer where he developed a project management system that is now serving over 1200 employees. To strengthen his communication and leadership skills, Michael in his junior year joined Deloitte’s New York office as a summer consultant where he traveled weekly to conduct risk analysis for multiple Fortune 500 clients. After graduation, Michael worked for Jefferies, a global US investment bank, for 1 year as an operations analyst where he provided risk management for the sales & trading division and worked on process improvement projects across various types of assets.

Upon realizing the increasing complexity of modern business problems and the limited application of fact-based problem solving methodology, Michael decided to pursue the Master’s degree in Analytics at Northwestern University. Through the program’s rigorous curriculum in advanced analytics techniques and hands-on corporate-sponsored group projects, Michael looks forward to unleashing the power of data in decision-making to challenge the business world’s status-quos.