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Anisha Dubhashi

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Anisha graduated from UCLA in June 2013 with a B.S. in Mathematics-Economics. During her time at UCLA, she supplemented her coursework by engaging in research projects with her Economics professor. This exposure to real world applications of economic theories and models led Anisha to pursue an analytical career.

After graduating, Anisha started at UnitedHealth Group where she worked on pricing models for pharmaceutical benefits. When her team had to deal with larger and larger amounts of data, she quickly realized the importance of developing her technical skills, and started teaching herself VBA and SQL as well as taking R classes on Coursera. Her new skillset landed her a position on the Analytics team, and later she moved to Chicago to work on Analytics for Conversant, a digital advertising company.

At Conversant, Anisha analyzed client data - billions of rows of bids, site visits, and client transactions - with the goal of optimizing future advertising campaigns. Working alongside data scientists, she has learnt the necessity of having rigorous training in statistics, being well-versed in the company's products, and constantly keeping up with evolving technologies. Anisha is looking forward to using the knowledge she will learn from the MSiA program to work as a data scientist to influence products she believes in and cares about.