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Johnny Chiu

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Johnny graduated from National Taiwan University with a double degree in mathematics and economics. During his college time, he enjoyed in getting to know how to interpret data using statistics; solve linear algebra, calculus and differential equations using numerical mathematics; analyze how the economy works using mathematical models. Of all the courses he took in university, he was most interested in learning an analytical and mathematical approach.

After graduation, he started his career at an advertising technology startup, where he practiced his analytical skills by working on website, clickstream and advertising data. He found it both very interesting and rewarding to leverage his skills to identify the link between analytical results and business goals to produce actionable insights. For example, he enhanced the functionality of the company’s data management platform by generating user segment based on website behavior. Also, in the e-commerce user behavior analysis project, where his main role was to take consumer information from raw data and tailor marketing strategies to fit their online users, he generated comprehensive analysis reports which included product association, conversion funnel, and strategy suggestions for clients. From the experience, he has therefore developed a keen interest in data science.

Johnny looks forward to gaining skills needed to help businesses to build innovative products and solve impactful data problems at scale. Through MSiA program, he is eager to improve his analytical and technical skills by learning the most cutting-edge machine learning methodologies and data science tools.