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Chaoran Wei

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Chaoran graduated from the College of William and Mary with a bachelor degree in Mathematics. Since Sophomore year, Chaoran was gradually exposed to various aspects of data science through courses and research projects. Now Chaoran is a passionate problem solver in machine learning and big data technology fields.

Chaoran has been investigating machine learning for about two years, and his biggest research project attempts to classify the image data of plankton to a specific species. The primary method the group used is deep Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN). He created a parallel computing process for hyper-parameter tuning and ensemble learning. The research results in one conference presentation in JMM (Joint Mathematics Meetings) “Data-intensive Modeling in Ecology” special session. During the summer 2015, Chaoran worked as a coding intern in ITPIR, where he gained extensive coding experience through developing software, adding features on websites, etc. He also worked on two NLP projects. One is about multi-class classification on research paper data, and the other on extraction of donor information in research paper.

In the last semester in College, Chaoran joined a text mining research group in college. In the group he worked on visualization of how European media portrays refugee during European Refugee Crisis through word cloud. He also attempted to generate topics from research paper for large research article network analysis. Chaoran is currently learning Apache Storm for real-time analytics. He is trying to combine this technology with sentiment analysis to achieve real-time sentiment analysis on topics in Tweeter.

Chaoran wishes to sharpen both his technical skills and soft skills after he joins the MSiA program. After graduation, Chaoran aspires to work as a data scientist and machine learning engineer. He wants to solve challenging industry problems with ever-growing amount of data available.