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Xingyu Wang

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Xingyu Wang graduated from Peking University, China. He double majored in Psychology and Applied Mathematics. During his freshman year, he sharpened his programming skills by taking most freshman courses for CS majors. These three disciplines motivated and boosted his data science studying.

In both industrial projects and in academic research, Xingyu combined psychological insights with analytical methodologies. He worked as an intern data analyst in a Chinese online education platform with 17 million users. By devising surveys and analyzing records in the database, his predicting model for churn rate also identified efficient advertising strategies when targeting different users. In his undergraduate research, he proposed and tested a model for human's saccade (rapid eye movement) during decision making. Based on Bayesian updating and statistical inferences, his model theoretically predicted eye-movement patterns and successfully fit with empirical data in MATLAB simulation. He tuned another two models when analyzing Chinese college entrance exams' records, which verified mental and motivational influencers on exam performances.

As a member of MSiA's 2017 cohort, Xingyu aims at pursuing more theories and tools, from dating mining and machine learning algorithms to Hadoop technologies and applications, with which he is eager to explore and utilize the massive data emerging every day.