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Aditya Venkataraman

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Aditya Venkataraman graduated from Carnegie-Mellon University in May 2016 with a B.S. in Statistics and Machine Learning. During his time at Carnegie-Mellon, Aditya supplemented his studies serving as a research assistant during his summers. Aditya worked his sophomore summer analyzing power data for smart homes and performed anomaly detection to detect false positives and negatives in a power curve. In his junior summer, Aditya interned abroad as a student research assistant in The Netherlands. There, he published a paper on Shakespearian Authorship Attribution through Information Theory. Aditya has also worked on several data analysis projects during his time at Carnegie-Mellon and on the side as well. He has authored several papers ranging from data analysis papers to data visualization tools. His favorite project involved making a data visualization web-app analyzing OkCupid vegetarian users and their dating preferences using Shiny and ggplot2.

At Northwestern University, Aditya is thrilled to deepen his knowledge about statistics and computer science. He is excited to help companies gain new insights into their vast troves of data and ultimately aid them in making smarter business decisions from their data.