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Mari Pastor

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Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, Mari attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he graduated with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering with a concentration in Operations Research. He complimented his technical training with involvement with international companies and Fortune 500 companies in semester-long projects throughout his college career with Illinois Business Consulting (IBC). Regular client interface and exposure to front-ends of various businesses each grappling with a specific problem confirmed his desire to hone his skills in data analysis and statistics and ultimately, his ability to parlay quantitative skills to develop practical business solutions.

Mari’s engineering and management consulting experience encouraged him to pursue a career to assist organizations with optimizing their operations, more specifically, developing pricing and revenue strategies. The MSiA program at Northwestern University, bridges the gap between managerial and engineering perspectives in problem solving, and t is the rigorous study in mathematical and statistical methods that compelled him to apply. Learning from faculty, company partners and peers in optimization and heuristics, big data analytics, and data mining classes will strengthen skills that he has already acquired through undergraduate coursework and involvement with IBC.

With the advancement and acceptance of algorithms in data analysis among organizations for effective decision-making or increasing efficiency of operations, it will become increasingly critical to understand the inherent limitations of algorithms and consequently design analytical frameworks to better harness their benefits. With the proper training and knowledge gained in the MSiA program, Mari hopes to solve such problems and become an invaluable asset to any enterprise in the growing area of analytics.