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Jeff Parker

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Jeff is a multigenerational Utahn and graduate of Utah State University. He graduated summa cum laude with B.S. in economics and minors in mathematics and international business. In addition to his classroom studies, Jeff was highly engaged in his education through involvement in numerous activities. For instance, he conducted an independent research study analyzing wind turbine economics. His analysis was selected as a special presentation at the Clinton Global Initiative. In the student elected role of Business Senator, he led teams of volunteers on university-wide projects. Prior to attending Utah State, Jeff spent two years as a volunteer in the Philippines and speaks fluent Tagalog. Upon graduating, Jeff worked for a financial tech firm, Clearwater Analytics, where he developed his pension for analyzing data by working with the company’s massive data sets and online platform.

To further pursue his interest in analytics and strengthen his business acumen, Jeff joined the strategy consulting firm, Cicero Group. Here he obtained both a breadth and depth of industry experience through his high-velocity work with diverse clients. In this role, he crafted creative and impactful business strategies for clients facing starkly different problems. Engagements included analysis of multiple data sources using SAS, R and other tools which would drive recommendations. He found it crucial to the project success to distill the insights into a digestible story for c-level management. The data driven recommendations would often be implemented as part of the engagement. Implementations had massive measurable benefits on client’s sales, operational effectiveness, or positive social impact. In addition to his work with clients, Jeff was instrumental in Cicero's own internal firm-building endeavors. This included managing the internal IT team, leading programmers on product development, and spearheading many HR projects.

Jeff is a proactive learner and is excited to be continuing developing skills and experience in the MSiA program at Northwestern University. He is quick to engage himself in his education and strengthen his abilities. He is looking forward to adding to his skill set to help companies solve the most challenging problems.