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Santiago Olivar

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Born and raised in Mexico City, Santiago received his B.A. in Economics from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) in 2016. Working over a year for the Mexican Federal Ministry of Economy and then for three years for the Bank of Mexico has granted him a holistic comprehension of the financial system. In the latter position he was given the responsibility of gathering and analyzing big and diverse datasets, with the final objective of presenting results to the Board of Governors. As a result, Santiago discovered he can use his quantitative and programming skills in contribution toward institution’s revenues and insights: a new personal passion.

As a Financial Researcher at the Mexico’s Central Bank, Santiago had the fortune of having access to confidential and valuable information about all intermediaries in the financial system like commercial and development banks, brokerage firms and mutual funds. This represented a challenge for him, however his reliability within the institution increased and his participation among different projects was crucial. The research in which he was given more responsibility was the construction of a systemic risk index based on functional data analysis that may be used for early warnings of banking system distress. More recently he was involved in the liquidity and network assessment of Mexican mutual funds. He is proud to say that thanks to the database innovations and inquiry he did, it became a priority for the division to expand the analysis towards other countries.

Despite his background in the financial arena, Santiago believes that graduates from the MSiA program could work in almost any industry, and he thinks that narrowing his objectives at this moment would be unwise since there are a myriad of possibilities that he still doesn’t know about yet. He feels challenged and fortunate to be living in this moment of time where the torrent of new data that has been created represents a unique moment to assess opportunities and add value within institutions and along industries. He is looking forward to not only offer his quantitative and technical skills, but also his passion, ethics and commitment.