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Kristin Meier

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Kristin attended George Washington University where she graduated in December 2013 with a B.S. in Economics and minors in Mathematics and Statistics. Throughout her studies she became increasingly interested in learning how to use data analysis to solve real-world problems. After graduating, Kristin began working as a Research Assistant at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington, D.C.

While at the Federal Reserve, she had the opportunity to work on many projects that inspired her interest in data analytics. The acquisition of several new datasets by her section allowed Kristin to participate in the exploration of new questions requiring analysis, visualization, and finished products to share with the division and impact decision-making. One of her more interesting projects involved using transaction level data from the Federal Funds market to identify borrowing and lending trends over time as well as the rate dynamics among different lender-borrower combinations. She also had the opportunity to create exhibits and perform ad hoc analysis for a briefing by the section chief economist, at which the Chair and other Federal Reserve Board governors were informed on recent market conditions.

Kristin is excited to improve her computer programming skills and statistical knowledge during her time at Northwestern. She looks forward to building on her educational foundation and work experience both in the classroom and through practical application. She is eager to pursue her interest in data analysis and to better learn how technology can be used to conduct the most robust and accurate analysis possible to drive business solutions.