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Ik Hwan Kim

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Ik-Hwan graduated from Northwestern University with Bachelor’s degree in Economics in 2015. Fascinated by the power of computer science and its adaptability in economic and statistical analysis, Ik-Hwan vigorously studied multiple programming languages during his undergraduate career. He was particularly interested in creating and managing a quality SQL database and utilizing it in macro-economic research.

After graduation, Ik-Hwan started to work as an Analyst at Resolution Economics LLC where his passion to handle data that is material to everyday life was realized. He analyzed data to estimate damages in class action lawsuits involving more than ten thousand plaintiffs. In order to accurately assess evidence provided, he led numerous data munging and analysis projects: cleaning up personal, financial, and location-based data and building the analytical dataset using SAS or Stata. While in a consultant position, he directly interacted with the clients and presented visual models that outline potential outcome of the lawsuit.

Ik-Hwan is looking forward to further developing his analytical skills and expanding his knowledge with the MS in Analytics program at Northwestern. He will strive to learn up-to-date technology utilized in the industry and to gain business insights in order to derive significant and tangible value from the data.