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Lydia Chang

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Born and raised in China, Lydia graduated cum laude from Rice University in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Statistics and Psychology. Fascinated by predicting human behavior using data, she conducted user behavior research at Rice, Yale, and Stanford University during summers. Also, the complexity and randomness of human behavior motivated her to learn more advanced analytics techniques and hone programming skills during her college study.

After graduation, Lydia moved back to Beijing and worked as a data analyst with, the largest B2C online retailers in China. There, she took charge of analyzing massive user demography, behaviors and purchase history data. It was incredibly rewarding for her to predict consumer purchase intention by modeling and to improve the effect of precision marketing. It was also exciting for her to communicate with the internal business team and manufacturers’ partners, helping them make unbiased decisions through customized reports.

As a candidate for the MSiA program at Northwestern University, Lydia seeks to acquire more complex knowledge about machine learning to make use of huge unstructured datasets while strengthening her programming and statistical foundations. She can’t wait to work with her cohort and ultimately apply her skills in a company where she can leverage data to understand customers better and tackle data-intensive issues.