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Jessica Chan

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Born in Southern, China, Jessica has a diverse background. She speaks fluent English, Mandarin, and Teochew. Upon finishing middle school, she moved to Toronto with her family. She attended University of Toronto and graduated with a Bachelor of Science with distinction in Mathematics and Actuarial Science in 2016.

Jessica's interests in data analytics originated from her first internship at Full Goal Fund Management Company. By being actively involved in quantitative stock selection projects, she acquired extensive experience in applying statistical models involving risk management, asset allocation, and pricing. She was motivated to pursue further a career in analytics and joined the Bank of China, Hong Kong. There, she conducted industry analysis to predict the competitiveness of target enterprises. It was a stimulating environment where she committed herself to honing her data hacking abilities, an essential skill that is crucial for a career as a data analyst.

In order to prevail in data analytics, Jessica acknowledged the importance of programming and data mining skills. She put special focus to Java, Python, and MATLAB during her internship at Harvest Fund, where she programmatically estimated Betas of securities using methods of OLS regression model and analyzed the accuracy of estimation by regression diagnostics.

Furthermore, during her undergraduate study, Jessica led research project on high frequency data and trading algorithms. She bolstered her analytic skills such as multidimensional modeling and data visualization through the project. More importantly, the project motivated her to delve further into statistical modeling to be able to perform increasingly precise and complex data analysis.

To lead to a successful career in data analytics, Jessica is thrilled to join the MSiA program at Northwestern University, where she aims to equip herself with cutting-edge expertise in the area. She especially hopes to excel in areas of simulation on multidimensional data across different environments and themes to assist predicting market trends and establishing optimal solutions.