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Sam Carruthers

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Sam first developed his interest in statistics and data at Carleton College, where he performed research with a professor focused on developing Monte Carlo simulations of a geography-based regression technique. He then conducted independent research for his senior thesis, collecting and modeling car price data to determine consumers’ willingness-to-pay for the “eco-friendly” badge associated with hybrid cars.

After graduating Carleton cum laude with a B.A in economics, Sam continued to pursue his interest in applied statistics and analytics and began work at Nielsen Marketing Analytics, a marketing-focused statistical consulting group in Evanston. There, after building his SAS skills and picking up the necessary marketing knowledge base, he was in charge of creating and refining statistical models of clients’ advertising and marketing activity across a wide range of industries and brands. Sam immensely enjoyed providing powerful insights, recommendations and predictive simulations to client marketing teams. It was incredibly gratifying to see clients shift millions of dollars of ad spend based on the results of his models.

Sam is looking forward to further broadening his programming background and analytical skillset in the cutting edge MSiA curriculum. He’s also excited to collaborate and learn from his fellow students both in the classroom and in industry practicum projects. Looking ahead, Sam aims to apply what he learned in the MSiA program in either the public or private sector, providing high quality data-driven insights to affect important business or policy decisions.