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Jonathan Burge

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Jonathan Burge graduated summa cum laude from Whitworth University in 2016 with a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.A. in Mathematics. During his coursework in algorithms and artificial intelligence, he discovered an interest in the areas of natural language processing and data clustering. Through these topics, Jonathan identified analytics as an intriguing discipline in which statistics could be applied to programmatic solutions for problems involving large data sets. While at Whitworth, Jonathan also began studying Mandarin Chinese. Through his experience studying in an intensive, semester long language program at Minzu University in Beijing, Jonathan realized the benefit that focused, rigorous coursework provides with regard to language mastery. He expects the focused nature of the MSiA program to encourage similar growth.

Jonathan is eager to continue targeted study in the MSiA program at Northwestern to integrate analytical techniques into the programming expertise he has already developed. Additionally, he looks forward to learning more about the diverse applications of data science across industry and how computational solutions can be used to optimize efficiency and performance in business.