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Arindam Bhattacharya

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Arindam completed his undergraduate studies at The University of Texas at Dallas, graduating summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems. Arindam’s interest in analytics was initially piqued by a summer credit risk analyst internship at Kohl’s and subsequently solidified by elective coursework in data mining and big data during his final year at UT Dallas.

After graduation, Arindam rejoined Kohl’s as a credit risk analyst. In addition to executing a number of successful data analysis projects, Arindam also developed and led the implementation of several process improvements in the area of risk management. The breadth and impact of his team’s contributions to the credit division, combined with the data-centric nature of many of the company’s strategic goals, helped Arindam appreciate the power and value of data science in a business context.

Arindam further developed his skills during a consulting engagement with Methodist Health System, a leading North Texas healthcare services provider. As an independent consultant, he identified marketing opportunities for a specific set of services lines through data analysis and visualization in Tableau. At both Methodist and Kohl’s, Arindam gained a deeper understanding of the practical business considerations that underpin impactful analytical efforts.

For Arindam, applying data-driven decision making to domains as seemingly disparate as retail credit and healthcare marketing has strongly reinforced his belief in the limitless possibilities of analytics. Arindam is particularly excited by its potential to revolutionize education, a personal passion of his; in addition to his primary academic and professional pursuits, he has been a private tutor for a local education services company since January 2014 and has guest lectured several business communications classes at UT Dallas after joining Kohl’s. Arindam looks forward to building upon his foundational professional experiences by deepening his knowledge of advanced analytics and utilizing his newly developed skills to address meaningful real-world problems at Northwestern.