Most incoming students have a BA in engineering, business, computer science, math, or information technology.Most incoming students have a BA in engineering, business, computer science, math, or information technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in earning a Master's of Science in Analytics at Northwestern University. Please see the frequently asked questions about the application process and admissions below.

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How do I apply to the Master of Science in Analytics program?

The application for Fall 2018 admission is now closed. To apply for Fall 2019 admission, please apply starting September 1, 2018.

When are applications due?

  • Scholarship Priority Deadline: December 1

  • Regular Decision Deadline: January 15

Scholarship Priority Deadline: Applicants who apply by the Scholarship Priority deadline of December 1 are likely to receive the fullest consideration for scholarships as part of the application review process; all applicants who meet this priority deadline will be considered for merit scholarships by the admissions review committee. Please note, the deadline is a recommendation; applicants who apply by the regular decision deadline of January 15 may still be considered for second round scholarship funding, as available.

When are decisions made?

Applicants will be notified of the program's decision by mid-March.

Is admission to the Master of Science in Analytics rolling?

We do not evaluate applications on a rolling admissions basis. The online application for each new cohort closes on January 15. Our panel of admissions advisors will evaluate each candidate and notify applicants of their decisions no later than mid-March.

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Student Background

Am I required to know all of the systems used in this program before classes begin?

If you are admitted, the program hosts a two week boot-camp where we provide training in Tableau, R, SQL, Git, Databases, etc. You are not required to have a mastery of these programs prior to entering the program.

Can I Apply to the MSiA Program If I Don't Have a Degree in Data Science?

We consider applicants from a wide range of academic disciplines and interests; applicants from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Please note that candidates are expected to have a strong quantitative and IT background before entering the program.

I am an international student who attended a 3-year university. Will my 3-year undergraduate degree be accepted?

Yes. We understand that many international universities operate on a 3-year educational timeline, and we will accept 3-year bachelor's degrees from any accredited institution.

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Test Scores

Is the GRE or GMAT required to apply to the MSiA program?

Both GRE and GMAT test scores are accepted by the program; you will be required to submit scores to be considered for admission in the MSiA Class of 2020. We accept scores up to five years from the date of your matriculation into the MSiA program (September 2019). Please submit scores for tests taken after September 2014. MSiA does not offer waivers for GRE/GMAT scores.

We require applicants to submit an unofficial GRE or GMAT score report during the application process; these score reports may be uploaded directly to the online application system. We will accept downloaded or scanned PDF copies or a screenshot of your unofficial score report. You may access your unofficial GRE or GMAT score report from your account on the ETS or GMAT website, respectively.

What is the average GRE/GMAT score for students admitted to MSiA?

Though there is no formal GMAT or GRE cut off score, applicants that have submitted their scores in the past have typically ranked high in both verbal and quantitative reasoning.

What is the ETS code for the GRE or gmat?

If you have already submitted your GRE or GMAT score via the online application system, you do not need to send an official score report during the application process. However, if you choose to send official scores as well, please use the ETS code 3672 for the GRE; for the GMAT, use the code 6WZTL36. If you submit your score using the "Northwestern University" code, we will not receive your score at our office.

Are TOEFL/IELTS scores required upon applying to MSiA?

MSiA requires TOEFL or IELTS scores for international applicants who have not had English as their primary language of instruction (we require proof of instruction in English from international universities). Our Institutional code for TOEFL is 3144 and our minimum score considered is 95 for TOEFL; for the IELTS, 7.5.

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Do I need to provide an official transcript?

Northwestern applicants are required to upload transcripts (scanned copies will be sufficient) for each university they have attended. Admitted students who plan to matriculate will be asked to provide official, university-sealed transcripts.

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Additional Questions

Will the department interview me?

Due to the volume of applications our program receives, we do not currently hold interviews on-campus for prospective students.


Is it possible to pursue a dual degree at Northwestern with MSiA?

It is not currently possible to pursue a dual degree with the MSiA program. This is a full-time, 15-month, intensive program that has practicum, internship, and capstone requirements.

Can I apply for Spring enrollment in MSiA?

Currently, we only accept fall enrollment in each academic year. Our curriculum was created as an intensive, 15-month time frame, which allows for collaboration between members of the cohort. We do not accept spring applications at this time.

Does MSiA offer deferment or conditional enrollment?

MSiA does not offer formal deferment or conditional enrollment.

I have more questions about MSiA or about my application. Who do I contact?

For any additional questions you have as a prospective student, please email MSiA. You may also call us during our office hours (Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–4 p.m.) at 847-467-6750.