MSIA 488: Practicum in Leadership

Quarter Offered

Fall ; Brenda Ellington Booth and Robert Langewisch
Winter ; Brenda Ellington Booth and Robert Langewisch
Spring ; Brenda Ellington Booth and Robert Langewisch


Effective leadership requires that we bring our best self to our relationships with others, both in formal roles as a designated leader and in informal everyday interactions with colleagues. This course draws from decades of research on and best practices in Emotional Intelligence.

This course is designed to increase students’ self-awareness, their ability to understand others, and how their own behavior impacts their interactions with others. The faculty leaders serve as coaches and facilitators to guide students through a series of sequential experiential exercises, personal reflection assignments, small group and classroom discussions, and a final group project. If taken seriously, students should walk away with a clearer understanding of who they are as a leader (formally or informally), what they have to offer to a given professional situation, and tools to foster productive relationships with colleagues.