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Data Visualization With Tableau

If not shown in a clear, concise, and relatable way, huge datasets lose their value. This is why data visualization has become so important in current-day business: a proliferation of data opens up many possibilities for strategic insights to those who understand the patterns and trends.

This Data Visualization With Tableau online short course equips you with the skills to design effective data visualizations that communicate insights across a range of audiences. Guided by data expert and associate professor, Jessica Hullman, you will be exposed to design principles and practical techniques developed from statistics, cognitive psychology, perceptual science, and graphic design. With a specific focus on Tableau, a visualization platform that helps you see and understand your data, you’ll learn to leverage data visualization principles to optimize your analysis and decision-making abilities.

You'll Walk Away With

  1. The skills to communicate both data insights and uncertainties using the industry-renowned software Tableau.
  2. An understanding of key design principles and visualization best practices, and how they impact data communication and analysis.
  3. A visualization design strategy for enhancing your decision-making process and communicating insights to non-technical audiences.

Next session begins October 19, 2022

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