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Cybersecurity Leadership

Digital transformation has become an urgent priority for organizations that need to maintain a competitive edge. However, as the amount of data has grown, the risk of cyber attacks has increased. Business leaders need to go beyond simply implementing new technologies, and instead manage and mitigate cybersecurity concerns through effective policies and building an organizational culture that is risk conscious.

The Cybersecurity Leadership online short course gives you the leadership tools to develop and drive a cybersecurity strategy within your business. Led by industry expert, renowned author, and professor at Northwestern Engineering, Todd Fitzgerald, this course explores the technologies, laws, regulations, and policies that surround cybersecurity, empowering you to determine your organization's vulnerabilities and make key decisions. At the end of this six week course, you’ll have the skills to reduce and respond to data breaches, and embed cybersecurity into the core of your business and culture.

You'll Walk Away With

  1. A plan to establish cybersecurity initiatives and build partnerships that secure your organization against risks.
  2. Insight into how cybersecurity fits into your overall business strategy, assisted by the McKinsey 7-S organizational effectiveness framework.
  3. The tools to acquire and maintain a cybersecurity-oriented workforce.
  4. The skills to assess your company’s cybersecurity vulnerabilities, and manage these risks by recommending strategies and technologies.

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