Faculty Directory
Chang Liu

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering


2145 Sheridan Road
Tech L288
Evanston, IL 60208-3109

847-467-0701Email Chang Liu


Chang Liu's Homepage

MedX Lab

Chang Liu's Homepage


Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Mechanical Engineering


Master of Science in Robotics Program


Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, CalTech, Pasadena, CA

M.S. Electrical Engineering, CalTech, Pasadena, CA

B.S. Precision Instruments, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Research Interests

Micro-fabrication technology; nanofabrication; bio-inspired sensors; smart integrated systems

Significant Recognition

  • Fellow, IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), 2010
  • Willett Faculty Scholar Award, College of Engineering, University of Illinois, 2005-2009
  • Xerox Award for Faculty Research, College of Engineering, University of Illinois, 2004
  • UIUC Incomplete List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent, Fall 2001
  • National Science Foundation, CAREER Award for young investigators, 2000
  • Ou-You Yi Award, 1996

Significant Professional Service

  • Faculty Associate, Center for Advanced Studies, University of Illinois

Selected Publications

  • Liu, Chang, “Bioinspired touch sensors for medical applications”, IEEE SENSORS 2013 - Proceedings, (2013)
  • Y. Yang, A. Klein, H. Bleckmann and C. Liu, “Artificial lateral line canal for hydrodynamic detection”, Applied Physics Letters, (2011)
  • Chang, G.; Lee, CC, “A packet queueing engine for configurable network QoS”, Computers and Communications (ISCC), 2011 IEEE Symposium on, (2011)
  • N Nguyen;DL Jones;YC Yang;C Liu, “Flow Vision for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles via an Artificial Lateral Line”, Eurasip Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, (2011)
  • S Chatrchyan;V Khachatryan;AM Sirunyan;A Tumasyan;W Adam;T Bergauer;M Dragicevic;J Ero;C Fabjan;M Friedl;R Fruhwirth;VM Ghete;J Hammer;S Hansel;M Hoch;N Hormann;J Hrubec;M Jeitler;G Kasieczka;W Kiesenhofer;M Krammer;D Liko;I Mikulec;M Pernicka;H Rohringer;R Schofbeck;J Strauss;F Teischinger;P Wagner;W Waltenberger;G Walzel;E Widl;CE Wulz;V Mossolov;N Shumeiko;JS Gonzalez;L Benucci;EA De Wolf;X Janssen;T Maes;L Mucibello;S Ochesanu;B Roland;R Rougny;M Selvaggi;H Van Haevermaet;P Van Mechelen;N Van Remortel;F Blekman;S Blyweert;J D'Hondt;O Devroede;RG Suarez;A Kalogeropoulos;J Maes;M Maes;W Van Doninck;P Van Mulders;GP Van Onsem;I Villella;O Charaf;B Clerbaux;G De Lentdecker;V Dero;APR Gay;GH Hammad;T Hreus;PE Marage;L Thomas;C Vander Velde;P Vanlaer;V Adler;A Cimmino;S Costantini;M Grunewald;B Klein;J Lellouch;A Marinov;J Mccartin;D Ryckbosch;F Thyssen;M Tytgat;L Vanelderen;P Verwilligen;S Walsh;N Zaganidis;S Basegmez;G Bruno;J Caudron;L Ceard;EC Gil;JD De Jeneret;C Delaere;D Favart;A Giammanco;G Gregoire;J Hollar;V Lemaitre;J Liao;O Militaru, et al., “Measurement of the lepton charge asymmetry in inclusive W production in pp collisions at root s=7TeV”, Journal of High Energy Physics, (2011)
  • Li, Y.; Liu, C.; Zhao, S., “A tri-axial touch sensor with direct silicon to PC-board packaging”, Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, (2011)
  • Liu, C.; Han, Y., “Pneumatically Actuated Active Polymer Pen Lithography”, Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, (2011)
  • SF Li;E Goluch;C Liu;S Szegedi;K Shaikh;F Ahmed;A Hu;SS Zhao, “Gold Nanoparticle-Based Biodetection for Chip-Based Portable Diagnosis Systems”, Jala, (2010)

In the Classroom

Prof. Liu is passionate about teaching and mentoring undergraduate and graduate students to reach full potentials and become future leaders. He teaches in both Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering areas. The courses he has covered in the past include solid-state devices, thermal transfer, electromagnetic waves, microfabrication, and MEMS. He is the author of a undergraduate textbook "Foundations of MEMS", published by Prentice-Hall in 2006. At Northwestern, he is planning to teachclasses on microfabrication/MEMS (in Mechanical Engineering) and on electronics circuits (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science).