Faculty Directory
Bartosz A. Grzybowski

Professor of Chemical & Biological Engineering

Director of Non-Equilibrium Energy Research Center (NERC)


2145 Sheridan Road
Evanston, IL 60208-3109

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The Grzybowski Group


Non-Equilibrium Energy Research Center (NERC)


Chemical and Biological Engineering

Research Interests

Organization and evolution in systems having many degrees of freedom and operating away from thermodynamic equilibrium ("complex dissipative systems," CDS) is of fundamental interest for its relevance to life and for potential technological applications. My research is devoted to rational design of dissipative self-assembling systems on scales from molecular to macroscopic, and to the development of "synthetic" strategies that would allow building "systems of systems" of increasing complexities. This experimental effort is multidisciplinary, and encompasses fields of chemistry, physics and biophysics. Engineering of CDS is accompanied by basic research in the molecular aspects of the phenomena (e.g., contact electrification and photochromism) these systems use. Theoretical analysis using both analytical and numerical techniques provides understanding of the general principles that govern non-equilibrium self-organization.

Selected Publications

  • Grzybowski, Bartosz A.; Pillai, Pramod P.; Pac?awski, Krzysztof; Kim, Jiwon, “Erratum: Nanostructural anisotropy underlies anisotropic electrical bistability (Advanced Materials (2013) 25 (1623-1628))”, Advanced Materials, (2013)
  • Grzybowski, Bartosz A.; Pillai, Pramod P.; Pac?awski, Krzysztof; Kim, Jiwon, “Nanostructural anisotropy underlies anisotropic electrical bistability”, Advanced Materials, (2013)
  • Fahrenbach, Albert C.; Barnes, Jonathan C.; Warren, Scott C.; Incorvati, Jared T.; Avestro, Alyssa-Jennifer, “Organic switches for surfaces and devices”, Advanced Materials, (2013)
  • Grzybowski, Bartosz A.; Han, Shuangbing; Wei, Yanhu, “A Metal-Organic Framework Stabilizes an Occluded Photocatalyst”, Chemistry - A European Journal, (2013)
  • Grzybowski, Bartosz A.; Bishop, Kyle J.M.; Chevalier, Nicolas R., “When and why like-sized, oppositely charged particles assemble into diamond-like crystals”, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, (2013)
  • Grzybowski, Bartosz A.; Soh, Siowling; Banaszak, Michal; Kandere-Grzybowska, Kristiana, “Why cells are microscopic: A transport-time perspective”, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, (2013)
  • Grzybowski, Bartosz A.; Pillai, Pramod P.; Huda, Sabil; Kowalczyk, Bartlomiej, “Controlled pH stability and adjustable cellular uptake of mixed-charge nanoparticles”, Journal of the American Chemical Society, (2013)
  • Grzybowski, Bartosz A.; Walker, David A.; Leitsch, Emily K.; Nap, Rikkert J.; Szleifer, Igal, “Geometric curvature controls the chemical patchiness and self-assembly of nanoparticles”, Nature Nanotechnology, (2013)