Jacob Wilson

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Jacob Wilson

Senior Project Manager - Werner Co.
MEM ‘12

Jacob Wilson is a Senior Project Manager for Werner Co. Prior to his position at Werner Co., Jacob spent eleven and a half years at Motorola Mobility. At Motorola Mobility, he spent nine years in mechanical design and one and a half years as a mechanical manager for two successful ODM products.

Jacob was able to use what he learned in the program to advance his career from basic engineering design to team lead and into project management. In particular, he feels the skills he learned in his Leadership, Negotiations and Project Management courses were paramount to his success.

His fondest memory from the program was his project for Engineering Management, when his team managed a simulated car company. The project not only taught them a lot about decisions and how they effect a market, but it was fun!

Jacob’s advice for future students would be to utilize what you learn as quickly as possible within your field. Students should be assertive, while being professional, and make sure they have a career path and goals specified with their job and/or management. He warns students not to get bogged down at a company too long because of promises, but never seeing rewards. He feels it is best for students to advance their own careers, because it is their responsibility and no one else will.