Tech Reports
Tech Reports Published in 2015

NU-EECS-15-01 Kyle C. Hale, Peter A. Dinda, Details of the Case for Transforming Parallel Runtime Systems Into Operating System KernelsPDF

NU-EECS-15-02 Maciej Swiech, Huaqian Cai, Peter Dinda, Gang Huang, Prospects for Shaping User-centric Mobile ApplicationWorkloads to Beneit the CloudPDF

NU-EECS-15-03 Ao-Jan Su, Aleksandar Kuzmanovic, Measuring Web Servers’ Popularity from an EndpointPDF

NU-EECS-15-04 Yong Wang, Hao Wu, Weihua Zhang, Yanwei Li, Aleksandar Kuzmanovic, Towards Application-Level Multi-HomingPDF