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Undergraduate Coding Opportunity Available in Hersam Research Group

Summary: If you are an undergraduate looking for a research opportunity, I have two projects available in the Hersam research group that would be ideal for EECS majors. The projects require coding experience and will help support ongoing research efforts in carbon nanotube and printed electronic devices. For more information on the Hersam research group, visit

Details: To improve the viability of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) for large-scale electronic applications, fundamental property-processing relationships need to be further understood. Toward this end, the primary goals of the research projects are to address automation challenges in the characterization of these SWCNT devices. Addressing these issues is critical for the development of future SWCNT-based integrated circuits and systems. The first project focuses on the development of portable moisture sensors for continuous monitoring of ambient conditions during device characterization and storage. The second project focuses on the development of data analysis tools that will allow for deeper insight into ongoing electrical characterization efforts.

Location: Evanston campus, Cook Hall

Start date: As soon as possible

Contact: William Gaviria,