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PHP Full Stack Developer Job Opportunity

We are searching for a full stack developer who has PHP experience but is interested in primarily working in modern technologies like React + Redux. 

Minute7 is a SaaS business that does time and expense tracking for small businesses. I am based in Wilmette and I have a unique job opportunity for the right computer science student in your department. Here’s some background on our tech stack:

* We have a CakePHP 1.x app running on Amazon Elastic Beanstalk with PHP 5.6.x

* It uses a MySQL database on Amazon RDS

* This CakePHP has a web frontend that almost all of our users engage with daily.

* We have mobile apps written in React Native that communicate with our PHP app via a REST API (part of our Cake app serves this REST API).

Ideally we are looking for someone who:

* Knows PHP and can be comfortable working in the PHP-based backend to extend its functionality

* Can be comfortable working in our existing web frontend (that is rendered by our CakePHP app directly)

* Is skilled with React and Redux so s/he can work on a /new/ web frontend that only needs to communicate with our existing app via an API.

 Here are some final highlights about us and the opportunity:

* Minute7 is real live SaaS business with hundreds of customers and thousands of users.  The software this candidate writes will be used by thousands of our users.

* We can pay a competitive hourly rate and we prefer candidates who can work remotely.

* The candidate will be mentored by my co-owner of Minute7 who currently works as a technical leader at Google (Mountain View).

  • This position has long term potential to be the technical lead for a growing SaaS company with huge market opportunity.

Interested? Contact Marc Summe ( for more info.