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Part-Time Junior Developer Needed for Kellogg Startup

About us:

Commit is a convenient payment aggregation platform for organizing social events. We believe that these events are crucial to strengthening community bonds, but too often, would-be organizers find it difficult to gather commitments to attend from members, especially if there’s a financial buy-in needed ahead of time. In our experience, this problem leads to cancellations of events that otherwise would have been amazing, or event organizers paying out of their own pocket, ultimately negatively impacting the community fabric of a network. Commit enables organizers to capture confirmed interest from their community through financial commitment and secures in advance funds needed to make the event possible.

As of January 2018, we have finished development of our MVP platform and are launching to the Kellogg community. As we prepare to launch to other markets,

About you:

You will be responsible for some of these larger builds as well as incremental changes to the site, working directly with the CEO, COO, and CPO. You have a passion for building, and are more interested in developing unique solutions than you are in receiving step by step instruction. You are excited about solving the problem at hand and the potential of the fostering networks and community through social events. You want to be a part of an early stage company that already has traction, and desire the ability to have a profound impact on its growth. You’re excited about joining an incredibly talented team of individuals that you can learn from and also share your knowledge.


As a junior developer we expect you to have:

  • Background in Ruby on Rails and Coffeescript at a minimum
  • Experience developing web based applications
  • Experience with MongoDB or other NoSQL database
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Problem solving eagerness to solve problems on your own
  • Expect 10-20 hours per week

We’re excited to discuss the possibility of bringing your onboard to the Commit team. Please reach out to us, we’d love to discuss! Contact: Josh Kim, CEO and Kellogg Student (Class of 2018) Email: