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NU Start-up Looking for MS EE Student to Join

BackWave Technologies, a Northwestern born startup, is looking to grow the founding team with an Electrical Engineer or Biomedical Engineer with EE experience.  

BackWave Technologies is developing the BackWave Hero, a non-invasive cardiac output monitor that measures the deadly progression of congestive heart failure. Patients will use the BackWave Hero at home after they leave the hospital for an episode of congestive heart failure. With the use of the Hero, physicians will be able to detect worsening heart failure and intervene before a re-hospitalization occurs.

The engineering co-founder will be part of our development of a new and affordable non-invasive sensing technology.  The co-founder must have extensive experience in circuitry and a deep understanding of the physics of electrical engineering.

You will be working alongside the founding team, composed of a Kellogg MBA Physician Co-Founder, Kellogg MBA + MS Design Innovation Co-Founder, and U Michigan MS BME Co-Founder. BackWave is hiring a PhD Engineering teammate who will guide R&D efforts.

Responsibilities include:

  • Establishing a deep understanding of current heart failure diagnostic devices and mechanisms
  • Research and development of cost-effective non-invasive sensors and gauges
  • Building and testing iterations of the BackWave Hero non-invasive cardiac monitor
  • Identifying similar and parallel technologies for incorporation into the BackWave Hero

Requirements include:

  • Pursuing MS in Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering with EE background, or another Engineering discipline with a strong focus on med-tech or life sciences
  • Strong interpersonal skills and collaborative team-based mindset
  • Entrepreneurial drive and willingness to challenge the status quo
  • A passion to make an impact on millions of lives

As a co-founder, compensation will be in the form of company equity.

This is a great entrepreneurial opportunity in the med-tech space with the ability to impact millions of lives!

For further inquiries, please contact Andrew Cabodi at