EECS 395, 495: Special Topics in Swarms and Multi-robot Systems

Quarter Offered

Fall : TuTh 2-3:20 ; Rubenstein


COURSE DESCRIPTION: Advances in technology have begun to allow for the production of large groups, or swarms, of robots; however, there exists a large gap between their current capabilities and those of swarms found in nature or envisioned for future robot swarms.  These deficiencies are the result of two factors, difficulties in algorithmic control of these swarms, and limitations in hardware capabilities of the individuals.  This class surveys the state of the art research that addresses these deficiencies.  Coursework includes reading research papers, student presentations and discussion of select papers, and a final project implementing studied topics in a real or simulated robot swarm.    

  • This course fulfills the AI Depth requirement. 

COURSE COORDINATOR: Prof. Mike Rubenstein

PREREQUISITES: Proficiency in programming (C language preferred), experience with robotics.