EECS 395, 495: Game Development Studio

Quarter Offered

Winter : MW 6-7:30 ; Zubeck


CATALOG DESCRIPTION: In this course, students will design and develop games using the Unity game engine, with focus on team-based projects and agile development practices. Lectures will cover game design fundamentals such as the MDA framework, game architecture and implementation, and the business of game development. Students will participate in class discussion and evaluation of projects in progress, to develop their skills in iterative design and implementation. (formerly known as "EECS-395/495 Real-Time 3D Game Engine Design")

  • This course satisfies the project requirement; Interfaces (breadth or depth); software development (breadth)

INSTRUCTOR: Rob Zubeck (

REQUIRED TEXTS: 'Uncertainty in Games,' by Greg Costikyan

OPTIONAL TEXT:  Will Goldston, Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials

PREREQUISITES:  EECS 311 is required. EECS 351 would be helpful.

GRADING: Based on homework assignments, project work, class participation and discussion, and final project demo. No midterms or finals.