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Nicole Immorlica

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

2145 Sheridan Road


Evanston, IL 60208-3109

nickle( at )


Ph.D. Computing with Strategic Agents, MIT, Cambridge, MA

M.E. Computer Science, MIT, Cambridge, MA

B.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT, Cambridge, MA

B.S. Mathematics, MIT, Cambridge, MA

Research Interests

Algorithmic game theory; auction design; e-commerce structure; formation and design of social networks approximation algorithms; network design and clustering

Selected Publications

  • Immorlica, N.; Hatfield, J. W; Kominers, S. D, “Testing Substitutability”, , (2011)
  • Lucier, B.; Immorlica, N.; Kalai, A. T; Moitra, A.; Postlewaite, A., “Dueling algorithms”, Arxiv preprint arXiv:1101.2883, (2011)
  • G Aggarwal;A Fiat;AV Goldberg;JD Hartline;N Immorlica;M Sudan, “Derandomization of auctions”, Games and Economic Behavior, (2011)
  • others; Mirrokni, V.; Immorlica, N.; Mahini, H.; Munagala, K., “Optimal auctions with positive network externalities”, Proceedings of the 12th ACM conference on Electronic commerce, (2011)
  • Immorlica, N., “Why I don't rob banks for a living”, XRDS: Crossroads, The ACM Magazine for Students, (2011)
  • C Borgs;J Chayes;N Immorlica;AT Kalai;V Mirrokni;C Papadimitriou, “The myth of the Folk Theorem”, Games and Economic Behavior, (2010)
  • N Immorlica;E Markakis;G Piliouras;A Saberi, “Coalition Formation and Price of Anarchy in Cournot Oligopolies”, Internet and Network Economics, (2010)
  • N Anari;S Ehsani;M Ghodsi;N Haghpanah;N Immorlica;H Mahini;VS Mirrokni;A Saberi, “Equilibrium Pricing with Positive Externalities (Extended Abstract)”, Internet and Network Economics, (2010)

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