CIV_ENV 355: Engineering Aspects of Groundwater Flow

Quarter Offered

Fall : MW 12:30-1:50 ; Joe Rossabi


Applied aspects of groundwater flow and seepage, including Darcy¿s law, parameter determination, aquifer test analysis, flow-net construction and application, modeling techniques, slope stability analysis, drainage, and filter design. Prerequisite: fluid mechanics.


Basic Hydrology and Geology, Darcy’s Law, Flow Equations, Saturated Zone Properties, Flow Nets, Subsurface Access, Aquifer Testing, Vadose Zone Properties, Infiltration, Slopes and Stability, Dams, Tunnels, Subsidence, Basic Chemistry, Contaminant transport, Subsurface Characterization and Conceptual Models, Remedial Treatment Theory and Practice, Analytical and Numerical Modeling.


Applied Hydrology, C.W. Fetter, ISBN 0-13-088239-9/2001/4th/Prentice Hall

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