CIV_ENV 295-0-23: Geology for Engineers

Quarter Offered

Fall : TTh 11:00-12:20 (Lab: M: 6:00-7:50, Th 12:30-2:20) ; Dowding


Basic geology for engineers through analysis of aerial photographs to obtain geologic information about natural features of the earth surface & subsurface with emphasis on earth materials, landforms, geological processes, rocks and soils, stereoscopic photographs, and elements of photographs. Laboratory exercises consist of material identification through analysis of aerial photographs and topographic expression.


  • Way, D.S., Terrain Analysis: Site Selection Using Ariel Photographs, McGraw Hill, 1978.  (Photocopied at Quartet, approximately $60).
  • Photographs from Way duplicated with high resolution to permit proper 3D display (Photocopied at Quartet, approximately $30)
  • Course Handouts (Photocopied at Quartet, approximately $10)


  • Hamblin, W. & Howard, J. Exercises in Physical Geology, Ninth Edition
Course Outline, Outcomes and Goals